Porsche Announces Innovative My Porsche App Integration Allowing CarPlay-Controlled Vehicle Functions Porsche has unveiled an update for its My Porsche App that augments the CarPlay experience in Porsche vehicles by adding novel vehicle functionality. The update enables control over audio, climate, comfort, lighting, and entertainment functions directly through CarPlay.

Porche Cayenne

The cutting-edge integration of the My Porsche App and CarPlay gives car owners the ability to execute functions like switching radio stations, adjusting in-car temperature, and manipulating lighting. The car model appears through CarPlay, and wellness modes such as “relax”, “warm up”, and “refresh” can be triggered using the CarPlay quick actions feature.

Moreover, all these vehicle functions can be operated using Siri voice commands, promoting hands-free adjustments while driving.

Porsche owners can activate the innovative feature by scanning a QR code displayed in the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system. Porsche will continue to offer new CarPlay functions to its users as they are developed. The first vehicle to support the newly updated My Porsche App and CarPlay integration is the currently available Porsche Cayenne. This advanced app update will be gradually rolled out to other Porsche models in the future.

However, it is crucial to note that while Porsche’s novel app integration allows for vehicle functions to be controlled via CarPlay, this is not the next-generation CarPlay experience that Apple is currently developing. Apple previewed an array of new CarPlay functions last year that are under development, including multi-screen support and CarPlay controls for vehicle functions.

The next-generation CarPlay will be limited to new vehicles, with the first supporting the updated CarPlay experience expected to arrive later this year.

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