Possibility of Fingerprint Scanner in New iPad 5

TouchID-iPad.pngEver since the debut of TouchID in the iPhone 5s, many have been wondering whether or not the new technology will appear in other Apple products, specifically the iPad and iPad mini.  A couple of rumors floating around about the iPad 5 include a size change, “meaning it may be lighter and skinnier yet still keep its 9.7-inch display,” and “iPhone 5S-like colors in gold, silver or gray.”  But until recently, rumors of TouchID being added to the iPad 5 were unfounded.  A few days ago, a video was posted showing that the fingerprint scanner fits into the iPad 5 frame.

In the video, the iPad 5’s frame is compared with that of the current iPad model.  The size rumor might come to fruition considering that the frame in the video is slightly skinnier than the iPad 4’s.  What’s most intriguing, though, is that the cut-out for the home button “actually does not fit with the original home button,” pointing to a change for that feature, and, as some suspect, that change may be the addition of TouchID technology.  Further supporting this speculation is the fact that the home button cut-out exactly fits with the TouchID fingerprint scanner.

TouchID technology is an exciting concept with lots of potential, particularly when it comes to security.  Hopefully in the future we will see TouchID innovations that make Apple’s devices even more efficient to use.  And who knows?  Maybe TouchID will show up on Macs one day.

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