Press Report Positive Hands-on Impressions of New iPhones

The two new iPhones, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, were arguably the biggest attractions of Apple’s keynote on Wednesday – and various tech journalists given the opportunity to try the new devices have reported back about their pleasant early experiences.

TechnoBuffalo has posted a video of its hands-on test of the rose gold iPhone 6S, during which is shown one of the much-publicized key new features, the pressure-sensitive 3D Touch, in action across a range of apps, including Phone, Mail and Facebook – one of the third party apps to support the feature.

Meanwhile, SlashGear reported that, despite the large visual similarity between these iPhones and last year’s, there remains enough new additions “to keep things more than interesting”. That site, too, was positive about 3D Touch and also observed how “surprisingly well” the front-facing selfie camera works.

Wired also added to the early plaudits for 3D Touch, saying that it made the iPhone seem “less like a collection of apps and more like a single, cohesive thing”. The site also felt that the new Live Photos feature, one of the few major additions not to have been widely expected by the tech press, injected more liveliness into photos.

As journalists had limited time to spend with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus at Apple’s event, these early reports are understandably brief in detail – but the first impressions are certainly promising.

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