What could a PRODUCT(RED) iPhone X look like?

If you’ve been keeping up with Apple rumors over the past few weeks then you’ll probably be aware of the suggestion that keeps surfacing regarding a PRODUCT(RED) iPhone X.

Now, designer Martin Hajek has taken the rumor one step further and created mockups to imagine what such a device could really look like.

These renders imagine an iPhone X in the same red color as last year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus but featuring the glossy glass back of Apple’s latest iPhone. Unlike last year’s model which featured a white front design, Hajek has imagined these renders with the same black front as the current white and space gray shades.

A number of reports have suggested that the iPhone X will soon be offered in additional color shades as a way of giving the device a mid-year sales boost. Some say that Apple is even planning to release a gold color option.


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