PSA: Apple Card offering 3% cashback on all Apple Pay transactions in March

Apple Card customers could benefit from up to 3% cash back per month on Apple Pay transactions, thanks to a new limited-time offer that offers higher Daily Cash rewards.

Some Apple Card customers have reported that they’re being rewarded 3% cashback on all Apple Pay transactions when they use their Apple Card.

Typically, Apple offers 1% on all transactions, then pays out 2% when you use Apple Pay, and 3$ when you buy from an Apple Store or a select partner. This month, the second figure has been bumped to 3%.

The company revealed in an email that it was changing the Apple Pay Daily Cash reward to 3% for all qualifying transactions for March to incentivize transactions and boost Card usage.

It’s important to note that not everyone is eligible for the offer: the latest Apple Card scheme is only available to “select cardholders who received” an email from the company. For those who qualify for the enhanced rewards program, it runs through to March 31.

Apple has also added a maximum limit of $10,000 on spending per account. Once you have hit the limit, you’ll only be rewarded the usual 1% or 2% cash back rate, but it’s useful nonetheless and could theoretically help you earn $300 in cash back when spending this month.

Are you eligible? Let us know and check back soon for more updates.

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