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PSVR Now Supports YouTube

Competition among the leaders in the VR market continues with Sony adding YouTube support to its VR headset. This will allow PS4 users to view all 360 videos uploaded to the site.

It came as a surprise to many consumers that this wasn’t a feature of the PSVR in the first place, but the feature has finally been added. Before this update, PSVR used a series of VR video apps that were specific to Sony, such as Media Player, and users could upload custom 360 videos to watch on their PS4s.

With access to YouTube, users will have access to a much higher volume of 360 videos, as well as the billions or non-360 videos that YouTube has to offer.

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have both been able to support YouTube apps and many other similar media streaming services for a while now, and this looks appears to be an attempt to keep up with the in-crowd.

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