Psy’s Gangnam Style the New Call Me Maybe?

If I were to ask you who PSY was or if you’ve heard the song Gangnam Style a few weeks ago, I may not have expected you to say yes. If I asked you that question today and your reply was “no” then you must live under a rock in a galaxy far, far away.

This South Korean rapper has exploded over the past couple months into a level of fame that most only dream of. His song titled Gangnam Style debuted on July 15th, 2012, at number one on the Gaon Charts, and that was just the beginning. The music video has grabbed 210 million views on YouTube as of today, and celebrities such as Katy Perry, T-Pain, Maroon 5, and Nelly Furtado have been tweeting and sharing the video since its release.

The original dance moves, humor, and catchy lyrics such as “hey sexy lady” seem to be catching the world by storm. There were even flash mobs appearing earlier this month in cities all over the world. Even the business world can’t keep their eyes and ears off of PSY, as you may have seen him in the Wall Street Journal, CNN International, or The Financial Times.

Some of the latest appearances he has added to his fame meter were The MTV Music Video Awards and Saturday Night Live. He has even been nominated for Music Video of the Year at the European MTV Awards airing on November 11th in Frankfurt, Germany. On September 15th, Gangnam Style became the first ever K-Pop song to hit number one on the iTunes chart.

In recent memory the only other pop song that really could come close to this kind of takeoff was Call Me Maybe. I don’t think there is any “maybe” in the idea that PSY has solidified himself as a rising pop icon. He has even signed up with Justin Bieber’s label Island Records to represent him in the States.


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