Quick Tips for Preparing for Today’s Release of iOS 9

Today is when Apple is set to release iOS 9, the next major version of its iOS operating system, as a free download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. However, you should be careful to keep the following in mind to make getting hold of the new iOS as pain-free as possible.

Firstly, to avert confusion, check that your device is actually compatible with iOS 9. All iPhones from 4S or later, all iPads except the first generation model, and the fifth and sixth generation iPod Touch models will all be compatible. Secondly, for extra security, back up the data on your device using either iCloud or iTunes; 9to5Mac has posted a useful detailed tutorial for how you can do this.

Then, wait until iOS 9 becomes available to download through the Software Update page, under General in your device’s settings. Though Apple has not indicated exactly when the update will become available, judging from tradition, it is likely to be around 10am Pacific Time – that’s 1pm Eastern Time.

Downloading should then be just a case of following on-screen instructions. Of course, if your device is now a few years old, you could benefit more from buying a new model with iOS 9 preinstalled – so, basically, the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Mini 4 or iPad Pro, each of which you can learn a lot more about by downloading the current issue of AppleMagazine to your iOS device.

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