R2-D2 features on the new Swift course for Playgrounds

Earlier this year, Apple released their Playgrounds app for iPad which gave users the ability to control drones and robots through coding courses that help you to learn Apple’s Swift software. Now, two new accessories have been added as part of a coding course: Sphero Template and R2-D2 by Sphero.

Sphero Template has been described as an “open template that allows you to build your own programs with a Sphero robot” and the company points users to the Sphero API documentation to find out how you can create commands.

Sphero Template works with Sphero SPRK+BB-8R2-D2and newly debuted BB-9E robot and the R2-D2 robot has been described by the company in more detail:

Relive the events of Star Wars: A New Hope with your app-enabled R2-D2 Droid! Using Swift programming, you’ll be able to help R2-D2 find Obi-Wan Kenobi in the deserts of Tatooine. You will also be able to explore the Death Star, evading Stormtroopers at every turn. Use new Swift commands unique to R2-D2, including controlling its lights, dome movements and playing authentic R2-D2 sounds. You will also code how to control the Droid’s movement with the Death Star, as well as unlock its life form scanner and door decoder.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, its likely that you’ll already know about Force Friday which begins today and lasts until the 3rd. Head to an Apple Store in your area and you’ll be able to use your iPhone to see AR versions of some of the franchise’s most famous characters.

You can download Swift Playgrounds for the iPad here.



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