Rage of Bahamut Creator Unveils New Marvel Card Game For iOS

You may recall a while back that we did a spread in the digital magazine featuring the very popular virtual Trading Card Game, Rage of Bahamut. The creation, from DeNA’s Mobage development studio, has become an iconic hit, with thousands of players logging on each day to battle, trade, and collect with one another. It’s helped the company to spawn a variety of other titles, including the recent iOS hit tower defense game, Fantasica.

Now DeNA has set its sights once more on the Trading Card genre, and this time it’s coming to the table with the support of a big name. Marvel, the comic geniuses behind hit characters like Spiderman and Iron Man, have joined forces with Mobage to create “Marvel: War of Heros.” This new “freemium” TCG will allow players to collect and battle their favorite Marvel super heros, and obtain other items from the lore of the Marvel universe.

Vice President of Studios at DeNA, Clive Downie, made the following statement concerning the collaborative effort:

“Marvel: War of Heroes is an incredibly unique handcrafted card-battle game that we’re excited to share with consumers. Marvel’s breadth of iconic characters and creative storyline offers players a truly engaging and fun gameplay experience.”

From what we understand, Marvel: War of Hero’s will operate almost identically to Mobage’s current hit, Rage of Bahamut, but may contain a couple of differences. There are already a wide variety of Marvel mainstays (Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, etc.) that will definitely appear in the game.

We aren’t sure exactly how big the roster will be once Mobage is finished. If Rage of Bahamut is any indication, then we could see all of Marvel’s canon characters, as well as a few original creations. Rage of Bahamut has been consistently updated with new information, including events and special cards since its release.

Judging by the popularity of Marvel lately, with movie franchises revolving around a variety of characters (not to mention the success of The Avengers), it’s a safe bet that this iOS compatible title is going to be a big hit. You can grab Marvel: War of Heros right now off the Apple App Store.

Photo Credit: DeNA

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