Raspberry Pi Own Brand OS Released For PC And Mac

The popular microcomputer developed in England has become a popular platform for modders to create everything from games consoles, robots and sophisticated drones.

However, this development comes from the top brass themselves. The creators of Raspberry Pi have unveiled their own Raspberry Pi dedicated operating system that is capable of running on PCs and Apple computers.

The OS, known as The Pixel, was originally developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation for use with the Pi. Further research and development has now allowed the Foundation to make an exact replica of the OS that can run on other popular computers. This PC and Mac-friendly version of The Pixel was made in a bid to create the best possible desktop experience.

Eben Upton, a co –founder of the Foundation, claims that the architecture used to create the Pi is old enough that The Pixel desktop interface should even be compatible with much older computers.

With that in mind, why don’t you dust off your old Macintosh to see if you can breathe some new life into them with a Raspberry Pi?

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