Rave reviews for Apple TV+’s Acapulco – but is there any news about a second season?

Samantha Orozco and Enrique Arrizon in Acapulco

Last month, we wrote about arguably one of the finest shows to hit Apple TV+ in 2021; the Spanish and English-language comedy series Acapulco. The show charts the adventures of twenty-something Máximo Gallardo – played by Enrique Arrizon – as he takes on the seemingly dream job as a cabana boy at Acapulco’s hottest resort, and it’s fair to say the series has won the affections of many.

Among the show’s fans was one person who recently emailed AppleMagazine, seemingly under the impression that we may be Apple Inc. itself. Nonetheless, we felt their message was worth sharing as another indicator of the warm regard in which Apple TV+’s first bilingual series is held.

“My wife just signed up for Apple TV+ for the trial,” our emailer enthused, adding that having watched Acapulco, they rated it a “fabulous five stars out of five”.

They continued: “I’m begging that there will be a season two for Acapulco? The first season was fabulous, and my kids actually watched the show with us! This is a miracle considering that they are normally glued to their devices and rarely watch any TV!

“This show is probably the best family comedy series I have ever watched, and I would be grateful if you can produce more seasons! The acting crew were top notch, so please bring them all back!”

Alas, as we touched on above, we are not Apple Inc., so are unable to act on our emailer’s request, although we certainly share their approval of the show. We love Apple and Apple TV+, but here at AppleMagazine, we are an independent publication.

Just like our emailer and many of you reading this, we would love to see another season of Acapulco, and we are sure that Apple TV+ executives – not to mention the cast also including such talents as Damián Alcázar and Vanessa Bauche – will be heartened by such positive feedback.

As for whether there will be a second season, we sadly have little more than speculation to offer at the moment. There is yet to be any official confirmation from the Cupertino firm of a return, even if a recent mention of the show in a 2021-in-review newsroom article about Apple services at least indicates that Apple is more than aware of the acclaim for the series.

If there is any solid news on this front anytime soon, the team at AppleMagazine will keep you posted!

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