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Raymond James Upgrades Shares of Slowly Recovering Twitter

Twitter appears to be gradually recovering from its recent financial low point. Research firm Raymond James has just upgraded the company’s shares from Market Perform to Outperform, citing what it considers the attractive risk/reward ratio attached to the stock.

According to TheStreet, Raymond James analyst Aaron Kessler has predicted a probable 40% increase in the stock in his base case scenario, and 80% in a more bullish turn of events. He added that if, on the other hand, his bear thesis plays out, the stock will fall by merely 20%.

Several initiatives put in place or proposed by Jack Dorsey, who co-founded Twitter and became CEO in October, could finally be bearing fruit for his company’s standing among analysts. Kessler has opined that such initiatives aimed at boosting revenue and the quality of Twitter’s platform could accelerate growth in the company’s shares in the second half of 2016. Kessler also spoke favorably about recent buys of Twitter stock by some executives.

Though it was only earlier this month that Twitter’s shares fell beneath $15 for the first time, those shares were at a noticeably healthier $18.67 during this morning’s early trading.

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