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Razer Have Designed A Laptop With Three Screens

Taking multi-screen gaming to the next level, Razer has created a laptop that comes equipped with three screens to create a more immersive gaming experience.

The concept laptop has been lovingly dubbed ‘Project Valerie’ and holds a main screen in the center, with two additional screens that slide out from the middle. Each one of the screens is 17 inches and is capable of crystal clear 4K resolutions.

The additional screens recede to make the laptop suitable for single-screen use, and when these screens are hidden the collected screens are still only 1.5 inches thick.

Credit: Razer
Credit: Razer

Project Valerie was displayed at CES 2017 and presented as a concept laptop; Razer has yet to comment on any possible release date or price. Many gamers – and those who work with computers – incorporate multiple screens for full immersion and added convenience.

With a growing interest in e-sports, and a large audience of gamers who regularly attend tournaments and conventions, demand for high-specification gaming laptops is increasing.

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