Razer Unveils Mechanical Keyboard Case for 12.9” iPad Pro

Razer Unveils Mechanical Keyboard Case for 12.9” iPad Pro

Even further cementing the iPad Pro’s credentials as a formidable productivity machine, Razer has announced and released a mechanical keyboard case for the 12.9-inch model. This case is especially notable for debuting the gaming peripherals company’s new ultra-low-profile mechanical switch.

While there are plenty of keyboard accessories available for all iPad lines, The Verge reports that Razer’s effort is the first mechanical keyboard made especially for iPad. This all-matte-black product comes with a detachable polycarbonate case and, for support while typing, a metal kickstand.

Unlike Apple’s own Smart Keyboard, this keyboard connects to the iPad via Bluetooth rather than the 12.9-inch iPad Pro’s Smart Connector. Razer claims that the keyboard’s battery life can last for 10 hours with a maximum-strength backlight or 600 hours with that backlight completely turned off.

This mechanical keyboard case can now be ordered from Razer’s website for $169.99 in the US. There’s no word on whether Razer is intent on bringing out resized versions of this case for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or 7.9-inch iPad Mini 2 and 4 models, all of which Apple has recently promoted for professional use.

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