realityOS Emerges as Likely Operating System For Anticipated AR/VR Headset The discovery of code snippets referencing "realityOS" strengthens the belief that it will be the operating system for the highly awaited device.


Months ago, realityOS references first came to light when a trademark was filed, and code snippets were uncovered in Apple’s open-source GitHub repository. Code detective Nick Chan (@riscv64) found additional realityOS references in Apple’s GitHub repository, verifying it as a distinct operating system with a specialized simulator tool. However, Apple has since removed the reference (which may no longer be accessible at the time of reading this article).

A December 2022 report suggested that Apple may have switched to calling the operating system “xrOS”, though no evidence has been found to back up this name change.

Apple’s upcoming AR/VR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality) headset is anticipated to be unveiled during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2023.

Rumored to cost up to $3,000, the device is expected to target developers in its initial iteration. The headset is predicted to boast advanced eye-tracking technology, hand and finger tracking, and a high-resolution display for an immersive AR/VR experience.

The potential applications for the Apple AR/VR headset are vast, with many suggesting that it could transform industries like gaming, education, and healthcare. The device could offer users a new level of immersion and interaction, enabling more lifelike and engaging experiences.

As with any emerging technology, there are concerns about its potential societal impact. Some experts have expressed worries about the possible adverse effects of long-term headset use on the human brain, while others are apprehensive about its implications for social interactions and privacy.

Despite these reservations, the upcoming Apple AR/VR headset has generated significant excitement within the tech community.

The prospect of a groundbreaking experience combined with Apple’s trademark design and user experience has many eagerly awaiting its launch. As further details about the device and its operating system emerge, anticipation will continue to grow.

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