Reasons to Consider Apple a Very Female-Friendly Company

Reasons to Consider Apple a Very Female-Friendly Company

While it’s heartwarming that Apple has been voted the best company for women to work for, this is far from the only reason to believe that the Cupertino company is ahead of the pack when it comes to catering for those of us from Venus. Here are a few more reasons…

The iPhone: a hit with the ladies!

Various studies have suggested that women like iPhones even more than men do. In 2014, Cheetah Mobile found that 45% of women it surveyed – 1,000 people were questioned overall – most favored Apple as a mobile brand. In contrast, with the men surveyed, no mobile device provider attracted more than 33% of the votes.

In another 2014 study, this one by Verto Analytics, it was reported that, in the US, 43% of female smartphone owners had iPhones; this compared to 37% of male smartphone users.

iPhone design has often met women’s needs

It’s probably not a coincidence that both studies just mentioned were conducted at a time when all in-use iPhones were no larger than 4 inches in screen size. Apple finally moved to larger sizes with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in 2014, in the process joining the “phablet” trend previously started by Android competition, including Samsung.

However, Apple’s decision to long stick with the smaller sizes could have helped it to garner much of its especially high popularity with women. After all, many Apple customers with relatively small hands will be female – and, when announcing the 4-inch iPhone SE in March, Apple revealed that customer demand greatly influenced its decision to bring out this handset.

Reasons to Consider Apple a Very Female-Friendly Company
Apple Inc.

Apple also considers women’s health concerns

With last year’s release of iOS 9, Apple gave female iPhone users the ability to use the Health app to track their periods. To see that option in the latest publicly available version of the Health app, tap ‘Reproductive Health’ and then ‘Menstruation’.

Furthermore, the iOS App Store has many third party apps, including Natural Cycles and Glow Ovulation & Fertility Tracker, that can be used to not only track periods, but also send the collected data to the Menstruation section of the Health app.

Reasons to Consider Apple a Very Female-Friendly Company

This can be hugely useful for many women, not least because an interest in getting pregnant isn’t the only reason for them to record their periods. It can, of course, also help women who want to avoid getting pregnant, while an irregular period could also result from hormone problems, illnesses or other issues that could otherwise escape a lady’s notice for longer.

So, there you have it. If it’s true that women are from Venus, we are surprised that Apple hasn’t thought of opening a retail store there… and, frankly, before opening one on Mars.

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