Reports claim LG has scrapped the upcoming LG G7

Although the G6 and V30 devices did relatively well on the market, LG’s mobile division has continued to be a drag on the company, reporting losses year after year. It may not have come as a surprise for many, then, when the company announced that it would no longer be releasing smartphones to a yearly schedule. Instead, new devices will be released “when it is needed.”

This news was broken at CES last week, after LG CEO and Vice Chairman Jo Seong-jin told the company to start over on the G7 that was currently in development. The phone was expected to be ready to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in late February but this now seems unrealistic.

Other than that, almost nothing is known about the now scrapped G7 other than the fact it would have shipped with LG Pay. It’s still expected that an announcement will take place in April but no release date has been considered at this time.

This means that LG engineers only have a few months to get back to the drawing board and completely redesign the phone although some components from the previous G7 such as the board and software. LG has not released any official statements regarding these changes.

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