Resident Evil 4 Remake Launches on iPhone, iPad, and Mac with Enhanced Features The iconic horror game Resident Evil 4 is reborn in 2023, now available for Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, and Mac, featuring advanced graphics and gameplay enhancements.

Resident Evil 4, a renowned survival horror game, has made its grand entrance onto the iPhone, iPad, and Mac platforms. Following its initial release on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in March, Capcom has now expanded the game’s availability to Apple users.

This 2023 remake of the classic 2005 game brings a host of modern upgrades, including revamped graphics, additional characters, and new gameplay elements, such as the ability to craft items and ammunition.

The remake showcases a fusion of advanced technology and creative innovation, revitalizing this iconic Resident Evil series installment. It presents a visually enriched experience with a reimagined storyline, aiming to build upon the original game’s legacy while enhancing its fundamental themes.

Resident Evil 4 | iPhone 15 Pro

Players can enjoy an intensified and suspenseful gaming experience with an expanded range of character actions.

The game’s compatibility extends to the latest Apple hardware, enabling iPhone 15 Pro users to experience the game’s full potential through the A17 Pro chip.

iPhone 15 Pro | A17 Chip

This chip supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing and improved GPU capabilities, bringing console-quality gaming to mobile devices. Additionally, the game is playable on iPads equipped with an M1 chip or newer, and all Apple silicon Macs.

Resident Evil 4 is available for download at no initial cost on the App Store. While the full in-app purchase (IAP) unlock typically costs $59.99, a promotional offer allows players to access the main game at a 50% discount until January 17.

Resident Evil 4 | iPhone 15 Pro

Additional content includes the “Separate Ways” mini-game for $9.99, a downloadable content (DLC) pack priced at $14.99, and various weapon packs ranging from $2.29 to $7.49.

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