RetaleBot Promoting Local Retail Deals on Facebook Messenger

Shopping firm Retale has today launched RetaleBot, a bot which can inform Facebook Messenger users about exciting deals and discounts at retail stores in their local area.

To get started with RetaleBot, you can open Messenger before searching for “Retale”. Whether you type in a particular product, store or category, RetaleBot can then look around for suitable opportunities. You can also devise a shopping list that RetaleBot can take account of when searching.

The 24/7 availability of RetaleBot on smartphones is bound to boost its convenience and ease-of-use for out-and-about shoppers. Furthermore, as Retale CEO Christian Gaiser told VentureBeat: “You can subscribe to certain store updates, so whenever there’s a new promotion out there or an opening or a changing or a special event happening at the store, we notify you via Facebook Messenger”.

While Retale already promotes deals and discounts to 25 million monthly active users across 11 countries, Gaiser has expressed his hope that RetaleBot will, in future, better the Retale app. He remarked: “I think that over the next couple of years this will be a super strong driver for platforms like ours and retailers alike”.

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