Revamped Navigation Unveiled in tvOS 17.2 Beta Update Apple's latest tvOS 17.2 beta rollout introduces a revitalized Apple TV app, streamlining content discovery and navigation for an enhanced user experience.

In its most recent update through tvOS 17.2 beta, Apple has significantly upgraded the Apple TV app, focusing on user-friendly navigation and streamlined content discovery. This enhancement is evident through the introduction of a dedicated sidebar, a centralized hub aggregating content from a variety of apps and streaming services, Apple TV+ included.

This innovative sidebar is meticulously organized into distinct sections, each catering to specific user needs—Search, Watch Now, Apple TV+, MLS Season Pass, Sports, Store, and Library.

For a more tailored experience, users can delve into the “Channels and Apps” segment, gaining access to content exclusive to particular streaming services seamlessly integrated with the TV app. This section boasts a diverse array of options, encompassing ABC, CBS, Comedy Central, Hulu, ESPN, Discovery, Peacock, and Prime Video, among others. Selecting a specific channel, such as Hulu, presents users with personalized content recommendations and viewing suggestions exclusive to that service.

While the “Up Next” feature in “Watch Now” remains consistent with previous versions, a novel addition emerges with the “My TV” section, positioned below the top charts. This section curates TV suggestions from an array of networks, serving as a modernized replacement for the former “My Channels”. Notably absent is a dedicated Channels section in Watch Now; however, a “Channels and Apps” feature finds its place within the Store, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Further enhancements extend to the Apple TV app on iPhone and iPad. In the Store section, the previous segregation into Movies and TV Shows tabs has been discarded, in favour of a more integrated presentation of content.

These updates align with prior indications from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, forecasting a design overhaul scheduled for December. Gurman’s report also anticipated the removal of standalone iTunes Apple TV apps designated for TV show and movie rentals and purchases.

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However, this particular change is yet to be actualized, leaving users in anticipation of future updates.

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