REVIEW: AOL Computer Checkup

REVIEW AOL Computer Checkup

Perhaps you’ve tried to load that crucial document or software that you need to immediately use, only to find that your computer is apparently frozen, taking ages to load it and for no obvious reason. Let’s face it – we have all been there. And then, perhaps, we have landed ourselves into even more frustration trying – and failing – to fix it. It’s all just too painfully familiar…

But help is at hand! Well, hopefully. The comprehensive troubleshooting kit AOL Computer Checkup has been especially created to help prevent these kind of terrible situations. The software pledges to fulfill a number of tasks, including cleaning up both your computer’s registry and Internet browsing history, to boost your computer’s speed and your own privacy. So, did this promising software make the grade in our own test run?


AOL Computer Checkup claims to be easy to set up and use even for people who lack advanced computing knowledge. Basically, it claims to automatically service and even update the computer – all potentially hard, complex, and bewildering tasks – so that the computer’s user can spend their time just getting on with usual work and play.

We signed up for a free trial of the tuning utility – a process which involved us first registering as an AOL Lifestore customer and later downloading the software itself. It was all complete in just a few minutes, and you can easily try this setup process for yourself. Click now to get your FREE 30-day trial of AOL Computer Checkup.


As soon as AOL Computer Checkup was installed, it took just a few minutes to scan and assess the security, cleanliness and optimization of our test computer. It actually uncovered a lot of issues in all three areas on this computer, which had never run this kind of utility before.

REVIEW AOL Computer Checkup screenshot

It took us just a few more minutes for the scans and ‘Fix Now’ clicks necessary for rectifying all of these issues. This suggests that the same process for a computer with less issues will take even less time. The software comes with many other separate functions, including those for shredding unneeded files, checking that all security software is up-to-date, and backing up important data. Even before turning to these functions, however, we felt a slight but noticeable boost in zippiness after those initial scans and a restart of the computer.


All indications during our try-out of AOL Computer Checkup are that it is a highly functional piece of kit capable of doing everything that it says it can do. One sticking point is the price; paying the required monthly $39.99 to continue running the software could be a deterrent considering that you probably wouldn’t struggle to find other software that can do largely the same but charge less. Still, AOL Computer Checkup will help optimize your PC’s performance, delete any errors, and improve your online security. Try it now for free!

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