REVIEW: BodyLite: Personal Weight Tracker (iOS)

There’s no shortage of weight loss apps on the iOS App Store, but many of them can be packed with excessive features that bewilder all but hardcore health buffs. Recognising this problem, Leading Brands has released a more streamlined and easy-to-use personal weight tracker.

Forget having to wade through unintuitive menus, irritating ads, and a pile of confusing features that you don’t need and will never even touch. Upon installing BodyLite, you need only enter a few personal details – including your age, gender, height, and starting and target weight – before the app calculates whether your current BMI makes you underweight, healthy, overweight or obese.

REVIEW: BodyLite: Personal Weight Tracker (iOS)

From that point on, you can opt to regularly record your weight in the app to monitor your progress. We especially like the option to set reminders for ensuring that you remember to daily input your current weight, plus the little lifestyle tips that BodyLite will throw in as you periodically assess your progress. It’s simple, but right to the point – and you can start benefitting from it all for just a small one-off charge of $0.99.

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