REVIEW: Camera for Live Photos. (iOS)

If you lack an iPhone 6S, 6S Plus or SE, but remain eager to try out the Live Photos feature, help is at hand with this rather self-explanatory app, which – no prizes for guessing this – brings the ability to shoot these peculiar moving pictures to many iOS devices that have previously been incompatible.

Available for all iOS devices – yes, including iPads – on iOS 9.1 or above, this app has a very simple main interface for taking photos: just tap the blue icon at the bottom center when there’s a moving object in your viewfinder, wait a few seconds for the app to capture, and you’re done. The Live Photos you take in this way are saved automatically to the stock Photos app.

REVIEW: Camera for Live Photos. (iOS)

As these images really are saved in Apple’s Live Photos format, you can put them to all of the purposes that iOS permits for Live Photos. So, on devices running iOS 9, you can view them moving in the Photos app – remember to long press a Live Photo on a device lacking 3D Touch – and share them to Facebook.

Of course, one problem with sharing them to Facebook is that only people using select Apple devices will be able to enjoy the “live” aspect. So, it’s easy to appreciate that Camera for Live Photos., which is free to download and does not contain either ads or in-app purchases, also allows you to speedily save Live Photos in GIF or video format once you have captured them.

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