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REVIEW: Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot (iOS)

The magic of the golden age of Disney cinema seemed beautifully revived when the musical fantasy adventure Frozen became a hit. This new, free-to-download puzzle game from Disney seems unlikely to inspire the same awe, but it’s still fun provided you are willing to overlook a glaring lack of originality.

Icy Shot is, to put it simply, the classic Peggle suitably decorated with Frozen-style scenery and many of the film’s much-loved characters, including Princess Anna and snowman Olaf. And, of course, there’s the magical Snow Queen Elsa – whose snowflake cannon you are apparently utilising as you fire snowball after snowball to eliminate ice pieces, dislodge gems, or do whatever else levels ask you to.

REVIEW: Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot (iOS)

The movie’s sumptuous art style is faithfully recreated – even if, with little narrative to build upon that of the film, Frozen fans could still find the experience as a whole feeling the wrong kind of cold. And there’s over a hundred levels to (snow) plow through, despite the usual “in-app purchases” placing a few restrictions on the way if you’re frosty about spending any money.

REVIEW: Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot (iOS)

If you loved the movie, playing Icy Shot could be akin to an all-too-brief reunion with some much-missed old friends. For everyone else, it’s a rather unoriginal puzzler that nonetheless, in its execution, can feel as solid as the most enduring Arctic iceberg. Wrap up warm…

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