REVIEW: Hurts – Surrender (Deluxe)

Hurts: a British synthpop duo, one a lead vocalist and other a keyboardist, with great popularity across Europe. Yes, they are almost like the Pet Shop Boys for the 2010s; except that, well, they are unlikely to have nearly as much staying power. That’s certainly judging from their third studio album, Surrender.

Lead single “Some Kind of Heaven” is a great example of how things could have beautifully turned out, had Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson been more careful. With its energetic chorus matched to euphoric lyrics, it’s got a strong air of theatricality that marks it out as distinctively Hurts. Meanwhile, “Kaleidoscope” is an awe-inspiring disco stomper with lyrics that stream almost acrobatically.

These two songs are the most immediately catchy in an album largely packed with slow-burners… or, sadly, as they quite often actually are, no-burners. There’s a quick succession of these in the album’s second half – to the extent that, of the trio of bonus tracks on this deluxe edition, only the gentle and romantic “Perfect Timing” warrants repeat listens.

Still, while Surrender is hardly likely to prove the duo’s commercial breakthrough outside Europe, there’s enough here to satiate the dedicated fanbase while briefly catching the interest of many who Hurts have somehow passed by. This album is also one of those featured in the latest issue of AppleMagazine – you could subscribe for your copy if you are considering buying Surrender through iTunes.

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