REVIEW: Kvago Leather Keyboard Case for iPad Mini 4

Apple might have more openly marketed the iPad as a productivity tool in recent months, but third party companies have been making Bluetooth keyboard cases for years. Also available for older iPad models, Kvago’s leather keyboard case has been released in a subtly modified design to fit the unique dimensions of this fall’s iPad Mini 4.

The case’s main design allows the tablet to be swivelled by 360 degrees while leaving gaps for the camera lens and that ever-familiar Apple logo on the rear. The case can also be detached from the keyboard for greater flexibility. Our only real issue here is the white of the interior, which can distract from the black bands and keys on most color versions of the case.

REVIEW: Kvago Leather Keyboard Case for iPad Mini 4

It’s easy to overlook this, however, once you’ve spent time using the keyboard with the iPad. The keys feel pleasantly springy during fast typing, making extended periods of text entry in such apps as Notes and Pages a joy. The iPad Mini 4’s Split View multitasking also benefits with no virtual keyboard taking up much of the screen.

Strangely, there’s no iPad Pro version of this case yet, but Kvago could very plausibly have one in the works, given how clearly useful it could be.

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