REVIEW: Little Boots – Afterhours

It’s unclear whether our favorite synthpop pixie Little Boots is releasing a new full-length album soon; her last, Working Girl, arrived last summer and won a recommendation from us. However, she’s obviously still busy with the knob-twiddling, having brought out a delectable new EP, Afterhours.

Well, it has been called an EP – though it actually consists of just two tracks, which practically makes it a one-off glorified single. It’s fortunate, then, that both of those tracks are goodies. Little Boots herself has described Afterhours as “the soundtrack for when the photocopier powers down and the office is locked up and you want to find somewhere to let your hair down and forget about the day.”

We reckon that she’s done a good job of capturing a suitably relaxing atmosphere with both tracks. Whether you buy them from the iTunes Store or stream them on Apple Music, they are especially great for listening to when you’ve had a rather hectic and stressful time and just want to get away from it all – as, it seems, the British singer with the real name of Victoria Hesketh intended.

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