REVIEW: NOIZ – Remix & Mashup Music (iOS)

These days, there are plenty of iOS apps allowing for the creation of beautifully throbbing music that wouldn’t sound out of place on such radio stations as Apple’s Beats 1. However, the focus is squarely on remixing and mashing up with the free NOIZ, which also features a new track from electro pop star Little Boots.

As you might have guessed, the British singer is a big favorite with us at AppleMagazine – and now, you can add a few neat touches of your own to her latest single, “Staring At The Sun”. NOIZ invites its users to experiment with tapping, dragging and holding the shapes on the vibrant interface that it provides for each of five songs. Each shape determines a different aspect of the music.

REVIEW: NOIZ – Remix & Mashup Music (iOS)

The app certainly makes for an interesting play box, with more and more layers of functionality unraveling as the user continues to mess around with what’s on offer. However, while this means that the app can gently ease in those with little music-making experience, it is less likely to rival more advanced alternatives like Apple’s GarageBand for providing a genius spark of musical inspiration.

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