REVIEW: Rumer – This Girl’s In Love

REVIEW: Rumer – This Girl’s In Love

The Pakistani-born British singer Rumer’s passion for the work of Burt Bacharach and Hal David has been clear well before the introduction of this, an entire album where she delivers her own renditions of several of their songs, including many of the most memorably elegant tunes of the twentieth century.

Fans of Bacharach and David will be especially delighted to see that This Girl’s In Love (A Bacharach & David Songbook), to cite the album’s full title, includes production from Rob Shirakbari, a long-time director for Bacharach and now Rumer’s husband. So, it shouldn’t be overly surprising that, while the album’s material can vary in quality, the covers that work do so truly beautifully.

These include the familiar classics “(They Long To Be) Close To You” and “Walk On By” – originally made popular by, respectively, The Carpenters and Dionne Warwick. The latest AppleMagazine issue includes more details about this album, which is now available on Apple Music and from the iTunes Store.

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