REVIEW: Sunny ~ Calm Wave & Ocean Sounds (iOS)

REVIEW: Sunny ~ Calm Wave & Ocean Sounds (iOS)

You might recall that, last month, we gave a favorable review of Franz Bruckhoff’s meditation app Flowing. Well, we liked it so much that we decided to try another of his many other apps aimed at promoting mindfulness. So, will Sunny actually give you a – ahem – sunny disposition?

For the most part, our answer would be a confident “yes!” If sitting or laying on a quiet beach with the sounds of lapping waves and, perhaps, rain and chirping birds comes across like your idea of a soothing experience, well, you should find Sunny to your satisfaction. You’ll probably feel like you have visited a secluded beach in somewhere like Spain or Hawaii without even having physically gone there…

This is worth emphasizing because, presumably thanks to the high quality psychoacoustic 3D audio in which Bruckhoff claims these sounds have been recorded from nature, what you hear can sound amazingly authentic – especially when listening at high volume through stereo headphones.

REVIEW: Sunny ~ Calm Wave & Ocean Sounds (iOS)

Sunny can also integrate with the iPhone’s stock Health app, though only for taking heart rate data from Health before overlaying it on a “Relax Session Graph” in Sunny. It’d be nice to see Sunny updated to allow your time spent with it to be recorded in the Mindfulness section of the Health app.

You can now download iPhone and iPad versions of Sunny for $2.99 from the iOS App Store.

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