REVIEW: The Legend of Tarzan

REVIEW: The Legend of Tarzan

Since his creation by writer Edgar Rice Burroughs early last century, jungle hero Tarzan has appeared in so many films that it seems doubtful any new one could provide a sufficiently original take on the character. The Legend of Tarzan tries, but doesn’t quite swing from one tree to another.

While the movie was originally to be based on actual Burroughs novels, it later evolved into a more original tale. So, in theory, the finalized story, which sees Alexander Skarsgård’s Tarzan return to Africa after a tip-off that the Belgians could be enslaving the Congolese population, had the potential to be a real treat even for viewers thoroughly familiar with Tarzan. But it’s still just too familiar…

That’s because, fundamentally, The Legend of Tarzan is really just a lengthy chase film, albeit with plenty of impressive views of rural scenery and action spectacle. A classic recipe for a summer blockbuster, surely? Yes – but, alas, on a small iPhone or iPad screen, rather than in immersive 3D or IMAX 3D in a dark theater, it loses more than a little something.

Still, we especially loved Margot Robbie’s stint as Jane Porter – and you can also check out the Australian actress in Suicide Squad, which is now available in the iTunes Store. You can read more about that film in the new AppleMagazine issue, which can be yours by subscription on your iOS device.

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