REVIEW: The Musketeers (Series 3, Episode 1) (Hulu)

The Three Musketeers have to be, due to the popularity of the nineteenth century Alexandre Dumas novel of the same name, up there with Robin Hood and Sherlock Holmes in the pantheon of fictional characters better known than many of the real-life contemporaries they are depicted in the world of.

Therefore, it’s nice to see the BBC continuing to keep this very French legend alive with the third run of episodes for its historical drama series The Musketeers. While this new run arrives with a few personnel changes behind the scenes, the main cast of Tom Burke as Athos, Santiago Cabrera as Aramis and Howard Charles as Porthos remain at the swashbuckling – hey, we couldn’t resist – forefront.

REVIEW: The Musketeers (Series 3, Episode 1) (Hulu)

The first episode of this third series gets off to a rather cautious start, with Aramis having apparently turned his back on fighting in favor of a monkish life. However, it isn’t long before trouble is afoot and he springs back into action, eventually reuniting with Athos and Porthos for an action-packed second half. Rupert Everett even appears as foreboding Paris governor Philippe Achille, Marquis de Feron.

Befitting the Musketeers’ most well-known catchphrase, you can get “all (of the series episodes) for one (Apple device)” with the Hulu app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Thanks to Hulu, there’s also “one (streaming service) for all (episodes of the previous two series)” – meaning that you can easily catch up if you’re a complete newcomer to this engrossing historical drama series.

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