Revised Galaxy Note 7 Units to Feature Green Battery Icons

Revised Galaxy Note 7 Units to Feature Green Battery Icons

If you will be participating in the recall program for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which has been beset by reports of igniting batteries, how will you be able to feel confident that your new model is definitely safe? If it shows green battery icons following a recently-released software update, says Samsung…

Once the software update, advertised on the Verizon Wireless website, has been installed on a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you should look for a new, green battery icon – as opposed to a white one – on three parts of the user interface: the Status Bar, the Always On Display screen, and the Power Off prompt screen, which you can bring up by long-pressing the power key.

Samsung has explained this in a notice on its website today. The company added that customers can also look for a particular square symbol, as pictured below, on the packaging box’s label. If you have installed the software update on your Note 7 and see this symbol and those green battery icons, you can rest assured that your unit is a revised one with safe batteries.

Samsung added: “Our highest priority is the safety of our customers, and we strongly urge Galaxy Note 7 users to immediately participate in the replacement program based on local availability.”

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