“Rhythm Violence” Game Thumper Heading to PlayStation VR

The neon “rhythm violence” game Thumper is set for release not just on the PlayStation 4, but also the virtual reality system the PlayStation VR, according to a new post on the official PlayStation blog.

In Thumper, you play a space beetle hurtling towards a threatening giant head, all the while keeping with the rhythm in order to navigate obstacles, enemies and bosses. Marc Flury of developer Drool enthuses: “The gameplay and controls are stripped-down and simple, so it’s easy to pick up and play.”

Especially excitingly, however, the game is now also coming to PlayStation VR. Flury admits to previous concerns that a virtual reality version of Thumper would be “too intense”, but reports that, having tested the game on PlayStation VR, the gameplay “translates perfectly and feels amazing”.

You can watch the new trailer, above, to see how it’s shaping up. There’s no word on exactly when Thumper will get its release, but Flury pledges it will be “later this year”.

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