Roundup: New Apple TV Coming, Fake iPhone 6 Images, End of iPad 2

A series of notable Apple rumors have hit the Web this week, including reports that say a new Apple TV could be unveiled soon and images that may or may not show the next version of the iPhone.


Apple TV


Apple is working on a new version of its Apple TV set-top box that could be unveiled as early as April and is expected to be released in time for the holiday shopping season, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.

Citing unnamed sources, the report said the new Apple TV will use a faster processor than its predecessor and come with an “upgraded” interface. The report also said Apple is working with Time Warner Cable to expand the amount of content users can watch with the device.

The Apple TV report was affirmed by the Wall Street Journal. The release of the device is contingent on Apple and Time Warner Cable striking a deal, the reports said.


iPhone 6


In iPhone news, blogger Sony Dickson uploaded images to his news site that he says show what may be the next iPhone.

The photos show a device that appears to be thinner than the iPhone 5s. Dickson said the screen of the next iPhone will be bigger and that the device looks like a cross between the iPad Air and the iPod touch.

Dickson is known for posting early images of upcoming tech gadgets before they are officially announced, and usually the images prove accurate. However, some are questioning the authenticity of his latest photos.

Confirmed: It’s FAKE. Too bad Dickson.



iPad 2


Apple Insider reported Thursday that the iPad 2 will soon be discontinued by the tech giant.

The iPad 2 went on sale in 2011, but it has managed to stick around for three years as an option for users who want a low-cost iPad. But late last year, Apple introduced the iPad mini with Retina, which is available for $399 — the same price as the iPad 2.

Citing unnamed sources, Apple Insider said Apple has decided to ramp down production of the iPad 2.

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