Rovio Unveils New Bad Piggies Gameplay Trailer

A couple weeks ago Rovio broke the news to its fans that there would be a “new franchise” appearing on the horizon. We discovered that their newest brainchild, “Bad Piggies,” would be making its way to the iOS store on September 28th, but that the experience would be entirely different from the normal bird flinging that the company is known for. In short, we knew that the game would involve some type of “building” and that Rovio’s iconic green-colored piggies would take center stage as the title’s protagonists.

But we now know a little more info than we did last week, thanks to a brand new gameplay video. Bad Piggies is gearing up to be a very unique experience, with the player crafting a variety of different vehicles in order to help the hungry piggies to their given destinations in each level. According to the video, these levels employ a variety of different terrain that will require a mass of different vehicles to overcome.

These vehicles will be entirely your own creation, and the trailer claims that there are over a million possibilities. Before you build a vehicle, you’re presented with a grid and a variety of pieces, engines, propellers, and other goodies. It’s your job to place them square by square in whatever fashion you feel will help you get to the goal. The kicker here though, is that ou can also control these vehicles by using a variety of buttons which appear on screen according to what tools you used This makes it more of a hilarious trial and error puzzle game than an action arcade title.

Judging by the video, too, there is a lot of depth here. We don’t really know much more info in terms of how many levels will be available or if you have a limited number of pieces for each level. What we do know though, is that this title is gearing up to be another number one hit from Rovio, and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Photo Credit: Rovio

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