Rovio Unveils New “Franchise Game”

It all started back when the creative minds at Rovio released how fun it was to launch blobular birds at little green piggies. Since the introduction of Angry Birds, the world has been captivated with its practice and the subsequent fame that followed allowed Rovio to crank out four total games for the franchise. It wasn’t all the same old same old either, as developers managed to create some innovative twists and turns that made each Angry Birds game feel like an entirely new and unique experience. But after so long, many began to question where Rovio was headed and what new innovative twists they could continue to bring to the Angry Birds franchise.

We now know however, that Rovio’s next big thing isn’t an Angry Birds game at all. Instead, those scheming little green pigs are finally getting their own spotlight. Coming on September 27th, we’ll see what Rovio VP Petri Jarvilehto calls “the launch of a new franchise.” Bad Piggies is promising to be an entirely new experience with some innovative gameplay and interesting styling. This new installment will have you controlling those pesky swine who have inexplicably found themselves trapped on a deserted isle. You’ll have to use your wits and a variety of strange contraptions to help your little friends secure their dinner (some yummy eggs).

We currently don’t know much more about this project, but we do know that Bad Piggies was crafted using the popular Unity Engine. This marks the first time that developers at Rovio have used the engine in any of their current projects. I am sure we will receive more information regarding the game and what it will be like as the release date gets closer to becoming a reality. But for now you’ll just have to get by this the hundreds of entertaining and interesting levels that Rovio games already have to offer.

Photo Credit: Rovio

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