Rumor: iPhone 8 to cost $1200-1400

With more and more rumors emerging in anticipation of the release of the iPhone 8 in the fall, we all want to get our hands on one.  But could it really cost $1200-1400?

Just another rumor?

It has long been speculated that the new phone could cost over $1000, but we were all hoping this was just another rumor.  Apple phones have steadily been increasing in price for a number of years, as is to be expected, but when will it stop?

Apple’s price history

The first iPhone sold for $499 for the 4GB model and $599 for the 8GB model with a contract.  Shockingly, the second iPhone to be released, the iPhone 3G, was actually cheaper.  It was marketed as twice as fast, for half the price, selling for $199 for the smallest size, the 8GB model.  It was sold to 1 million people in its first weekend, compared to the first iPhone that took 74 days to sell to 1 million customers.

What’s the reaction to the new price?

There are conflicting views about the price of the new phone, however.  Many just aren’t willing to spend that much while, controversially John Gruber hopes it will actually be even more expensive:

“I hope the iPhone Pro starts at $1500 or higher. I’d like to see what Apple can do in a phone with a higher price.”

He believes that a more expensive phone will allow Apple do implement even more exciting technology.  It would indeed allow Apple to really show off what they do best, but would they generate the sales?  As a result of the backlash he has retracted this statement somewhat and now agrees on a starting point of around $1200 for the iPhone 8.  Gruber denies that he was tipped off by Apple.

Only time will tell

The iPhone 7 entry level phone sold for $649, however, they included the iPhone 7 Plus in order to sell a more expensive version.  Would Apple really jump from $649 to $1200?  It makes sense that this will be Apple’s most expensive phone yet, but for now, we can only speculate about exactly how expensive it will be.



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