Rumor Shows New iMacs Delayed Until Early 2013

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of the brand new, super sleek iMac, prepare to be disappointed. A new rumor from the French website, MacBidouille, is suggesting that Apple’s innovative new product isn’t going to be released until early next year (2013).

The tech giant originally set much earlier release dates at its October iPad Mini event. The smaller-screened 21.5-inch iMac was planned to hit shelves this November, with its larger 27-inch relative coming in December.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise though, considering that CEO Tim Cook hinted at a possible delay during an interview about Apple’s recent earnings call. Cook stated that the company would be very “constrained” to bring the iMac to market so quickly. That, in turn, could cause for a serious shortage of iMacs, dependent on how many orders the company receives.

Tim Cook didn’t seem very excited about the prospect of having a severe shortage of the devices during this Holiday quarter, which leads me to believe that he’s questioning the company’s ability to meet the massive demand in such a small time frame.

This rumor is a big downer for both Apple and its consumers, pending that it’s true. Apple will be missing out on releasing its highly anticipated iMac revamp during this Holiday season. That’s a potentially large profit loss for the tech giant. It’s also a major letdown for all of you who have been chomping at the bit to get your hands on the futuristic personal computer.

Hopefully this is all just a rumor, but going on what Tim Cook said in his recent interview, it’s very possible that the company is struggling to release its innovative products on time.

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