Rumored Delay of Apple iOS 7 for iPad

There is little argument that Apple’s mobile operating system has long been due for an overhaul.  For this reason, anticipation is high for iOS 7, if only because it’s drastically different from the current software.  iPhone and iPad users can expect an interface stripped of superfluous bells and whistles, as well as two noteworthy features:  Control Center and Notification Center.  The software’s debut is scheduled for September 10th alongside the iPhone 5s; however, “the iPad version of [iOS 7] may not see public release until later in the year when Apple releases updated hardware for the iPad.”

Though the postponed launch may somewhat irk iPad users, the delay is understandable, perhaps even beneficial. Some are noting that that “the iOS 7 beta took two extra weeks to land on the iPad after it was released for developers on the iPhone.”  That said, it’s only logical that the newest iOS for the iPad will be released a little late.  Besides, showing the iPhone 5s, the iPad 5, the iPad mini 2, and iOS 7 for both iPhone and iPad in one day would be overkill.  Presenting three upgraded devices and the new iOS all at the same time could make the event feel rushed, almost sloppy.

The release of iOS 7 for the iPad shouldn’t take too long.  In fact, many are “expecting Apple to hold another event in October where it can debut the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2.”  The likelihood is that the new software for the devices will be released the same day.  Launching the next-generation iPads and iOS 7 for iPad separately from the iPhone 5s will allow them to shine without having to compete for the limelight.  On Apple’s part, that would be the best call.

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