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Samsung bring out their very own Animoji: the AR Emoji!

At the start of February, rumors suggested Samsung could be copying Apple’s popular Animoji feature, and they turned out to be true! We speculated that Samsung could bring out their own version earlier this month, having seen what a hit the feature has been with Apple fans.

This week, Samsung introduced the AR Emoji, the somewhat creepy 3D avatar that scans the users face to create an animated 3D avatar, who’s movements correspond with the user’s. The animated avatars are lightly unnerving and time will tell if they are merely a gimmick. It is not uncommon for the big tech companies to take each others’ ideas and put their own twist on them, so perhaps this isn’t the only other version of Animoji we will encounter. Samsung has also partnered with Disney to bring users animated versions of Mickey, Minnie, and the Pixar Incredibles.

Samsung has released the Galaxy S9 as a phone “built for the way we communicate today” and this latest feature plays on the idea that we are a very visual society.  Samsung’s S9 and S9 Plus will be released in stores March 16. Users will finally be able to experience the AR Emoji for themselves.

Watch the video and let us know what you think!

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