Rumors Suggest Apple iPhone 8 May Use Wireless Charging

Apple is rumored to be collaborating with the California based start-up Energous to make their newest iPhone compatible with mid-range wireless charging. Energous is the company that developed ‘WattUp’, which uses antennas to transmit energy over short distances without the use of wires.

The current wireless charging technology available relies on the user placing their phone or other device on a base or dock for it to charge. Nothing needs to be plugged in, but you’re still tied to a particular area to charge your phone.

Links have been made between the Apple and Energous to indicate a partnership in the future. First of which is the release of their newest technology. Energous is thought to be working on a mid-range wireless charge transmitter which is expected to launch in late 2017, to coincide with the launch of iPhone 8, 7S and 7S Plus.

Another link comes from Apple’s former Regulatory Certification Program Manager, Billy Manning. Manning had left Apple after having been with the company for seven years, and in September of this year he left to continue his career with Energous. It has also been confirmed that Energous are currently working with Dialog Semiconductor and Pegatron; two Apple suppliers.

This won’t be the first rumor surrounding Apple’s wireless charging technology. Previous rumors pointed to Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group as the developer of new charging modules to work with the iPhone.

Apple has made no clear statement regarding their plans for wireless charging, but if the rumors are true then it could revolutionize the way you use phones and other handhelds.

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