Rumors Suggest Four-Inch iPhone 6 Launching Later This Year

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With the iPhone 6 Plus released last year, Apple satisfied much demand for a larger, “phablet” iPhone. Now, it looks like they could be about to also cater for people who like their smartphones even smaller than the standard iPhone… at least if recent rumors are going to go by.

It has been reported from China that Apple has started ordering parts for what is thought to be a smaller, four-inch iteration of the iPhone 6. This compares to the 4.7-inch size of the screen of the currently on-the-market iPhone 6 and the corresponding size of 5.5-inch for the iPhone 6 Plus.

The theory continues that the new handset will be called the iPhone 6C and revealed by Apple in the fall. It seems sensible to speculate that the device will have a lower price tag than the other versions of the iPhone 6 when they were launched, though the arrival of the smaller model could also lead to price cuts for the two older devices – a traditional Apple strategy.

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