Saban Brands Announces Mobile Games: Swashbuckler by Paul Frank, My Pet Monsters, Power Rangers Legends and Zombie Farm Bubbles

Today Saban Brands announced its new mobile games Swashbuckler by Paul Frank, My Pet Monsters, Power Rangers Legends and Zombie Farm Bubbles are now available for download on Apple’s iTunes and App Store, as well as other platforms. In addition to these new titles, The Playforge has released an update to the popular game, Zombie Farm 2. Saban Brands acquired The Playforge, a leading mobile games developer and publisher best known for Zombie Farm, in August.

“Saban Brands is experiencing tremendous growth in the digital arena, with plans to deliver to consumers a steady stream of new games, new intellectual properties, and new strategic collaborations that bring together and amplify the strengths and capabilities of the combined group,” said Elie Dekel, President of Saban Brands. “The release of these games allows us to take a leadership position in the digital space and to further expand our reach from online and television to mobile.”

The current iOS games include:

  • Swashbuckler by Paul Frank

    Available now on the iTunes store

    A free-to-play arcade-style platformer featuring Julius in the Paul Frank universe

    Run, jump, slide and stomp your way through a treacherous adventureFeaturing your favorite Paul Frank characters

    Power-up by adding a Peanut Magnet, Star Compass and other useful tools that help you achieve your quest

    Challenge your friends in a race to the finish in the collect ’em all mini games

  • My Pet Monsters

    Available now on the iTunes store

    A free-to-play pet nurturing game starring your own monster

    Beautiful 3D graphics

    Customize your monster’s body style, texture, skin, color, appendages and props

    Feed, clean and care for your monster as you level-up

    Teach your monster skills like martial arts, circus tricks, and musical instruments

    Guide your monster’s attitude by giving it what it wants or what it needs

    Visit other monsters, and share your experience with your friends

  • Power Rangers Legends

    Available now on the iTunes store

    An action/battle game spanning the generations of Power Rangers

    Beautiful 3D graphics

    Start as the Green Ranger from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, and then unlock more Rangers as you progress

    A variety of battle-types including minions, swarms, mini bosses, Megazord and boss fights add to the challenge

    Level-up and earn new weapons and upgrades

  • Zombie Farm Bubbles

    Available globally now on the iTunes store

    Free trapped zombies that are stuck in eight different kinds of veggie clusters

    Experience 36 levels of pure adventure with increasing challenges

    Travel to six diverse locations like The Farm, Corporateville, Ninja Castle and more

    Track your bubble shooting score for each level

  • Zombie Farm 2

    Available now on the iTunes store

    A free-to-play farm game involving growing and harvesting unique zombies

    Experience brand-new features such an epic boss protagonists that add extra challenging layers

    Revive zombies that have fallen in battle to prevent them from being lost permanently

    A new daily reward system where brains (currency) can be earned by playing daily

    Earn more brains (currency) by playing daily and profiting from the new daily reward system

    Purchase a mystery item or zombie at a discount and get a surprise item in return

In addition to the acquisition of The Playforge, Saban Brands also acquired Zui in September, which provides access to the largest collection of curated, kid-friendly online content. The addition of Zui added 12 employees to the organization as well as a new physical presence in San Diego, where Zui is headquartered.

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