Safari Extends Lead Over Microsoft Edge in Desktop Browser Market Share Apple's Safari browser continues to extend its lead over Microsoft Edge in desktop market share, reflecting the growing popularity of the browser among users. While Chrome still dominates the browser landscape, Safari's steady growth highlights its increasing acceptance.

Safari Internet Browser

According to StatCounter, Safari began its rise in April 2023, reaching an 11.89% market share, surpassing Edge’s 10.95% market share. The difference between Safari and Edge has further increased in May and June 2023, with Safari recently maintaining a more than 3% lead.

In a surprising turn of events, Chrome witnessed a considerable dip in its desktop browser market share, dropping from 65.88% in May 2023 to 61.16% in June 2023. In contrast, other browsers, including Safari and Opera, have demonstrated steady growth, whereas Edge and Firefox have experienced a fluctuating journey.

However, the mobile domain doesn’t offer such positive news for Safari. The browser’s market share decreased from 27.67% in May 2023 to 24.83% in June 2023. During the same period, Chrome’s share rose from 61.27% to 64.82%. The tablet statistics mirror the mobile trends, with Safari’s share decreasing from 36.61% to 34.89%, and Chrome’s share increasing from 48.74% to 50.41%.

When considering all platforms together, Chrome continues to lead substantially, with Safari holding a solid second place with over 20% share. Other browsers, including Edge, Firefox, and Opera, lag considerably behind with single-digit shares each.

These statistics depict a promising scenario for Apple’s browser, although it’s worth noting that the data gathered by StatCounter may not accurately represent real-world usage for all users. Safari’s recent feature additions, such as Web Push and Passkeys, could have contributed to its growth.

Given the increasing sales of Apple Silicon Macs and anticipated improvements to Safari, including profiles, tab favicons, and feature parity across all devices, the WebKit browser appears to be on track for further growth in the near future.

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