Safari on verge of losing its second position among most popular desktop web browsers

Safari browser on MacBook Pro

New data from StatCounter suggests that Apple’s Safari is about to lose its place as the second most used desktop web browser on the planet.

It is universally agreed that Google’s Chrome is the most popular desktop browser. Sure enough, the StatCounter data shows that it enjoyed the greatest global market share for January 2022, with 65.38%, compared to Safari’s 9.84%.

However, Microsoft’s Edge is gaining traction and now has 9.54% of the market – up from 7.81% in January last year – while Firefox holds a 9.18% share.

Safari’s market share has actually dropped since January 2021, from 10.38% to 9.84% last month, indicating that Apple’s web browser is starting to lose ground against its rivals. If this pattern continues, it seems probable that Safari will slip to third or fourth place in the rankings within months.

However, it is worth noting that as far as desktop computers are concerned, Safari is only available on macOS, while the other desktop browsers are accessible options for the owners of both Macs and Windows PCs.

When the United States market is considered on its own, Safari is comfortably ahead of Microsoft Edge, holding 18.12% of the market share compared to Edge’s 12.09%. In the Europe-wide market, though, Apple’s web browser has already dropped down to fourth, with a mere 9.95% share.

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