Sales of Base iPhone 14 Surge Ahead of Pro Models in Q2 In an unexpected shift during the second quarter of the year, the base iPhone 14 model surpassed its Pro counterparts in sales. Although Apple continued to dominate the top four slots in OLED smartphone revenue, the change indicates a new preference among premium buyers.


Initially, the iPhone 14 Pro Max held the position of the highest number of shipments among Apple’s lineup, even though it was the most expensive model. However, the base iPhone 14 overtook the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models in Q2.

Buyers had initially been drawn to the Pro models’ extra features such as the always-on display, Dynamic Island, and 48MP camera. Even Apple expected around 85% of iPhone 14 orders to be for one of the two Pro models.

However, the landscape shifted during the second quarter, favoring the base iPhone 14 model. Most early iPhone 14 buyers found the Pro features irresistible, but as time passed, this enthusiasm seems to have waned.

Reviews & Recommendations

The turn of events is even more surprising considering that reviews of the base iPhone 14 model were nearly unanimous in advising against purchasing it.

Many recommended either spending more for the Pro model or opting for the almost identical, but less expensive, iPhone 13.

The Statistics Tell the Story

While the iPhone 14 Pro Max remained the top seller in Q1, ahead of the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14, the second quarter saw a distinct shift towards the base model. Indirect measurements, assessing the revenue earned by OLED suppliers to smartphone manufacturers, reveal this trend.

Four out of the top five OLED smartphones were still iPhones in Q2, but the popularity balance evidently tilted towards the more economical models.

The reasons behind this shift remain a topic of interest, reflecting a complex interplay of consumer preferences, pricing strategies, and market dynamics.

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