Same-unit Repairs for Face ID & TrueDepth Now Available for The iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Face Camera

The TrueDepth camera module, a crucial component in the functioning of iPhones, houses the Face ID and front camera components. If this module breaks, it becomes imperative to have it fixed quickly. Previously, Apple customers had to buy a new iPhone if the Face ID or front camera stopped working.

However, last year, Apple started performing same-unit repairs for the Face ID and TrueDepth module on iPhone XS and newer models. Despite this advancement, it can still take Apple several months to expand its support channels and offer certain repairs after a new iPhone model is released. When the iPhone 14 series was released last fall, Apple was not able to offer same-unit repairs for the TrueDepth module.

iPhone 14 lineup | Image: iFix News


Recently, Apple confirmed that its staff can now offer same-unit repairs for the Face ID and TrueDepth module in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. This comes as a welcome change, as it allows Apple Stores and Authorized Service Providers to repair the TruthDepth module or any malfunctioning component of the module instead of replacing the entire device.

However, a same-unit repair might not always be possible, depending on the specific issue and other problems the iPhone may have. Apple reminds employees to always follow the instructions given by the Apple Service Toolkit 2 diagnostics system.

As for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, the same-unit repair option for the TrueDepth module is not yet available. Apple has said that when this repair option becomes available, it will notify its staff.

The availability of same-unit repairs provides convenience and cost savings to iPhone owners, and it is hoped that Apple will continue to expand its same-unit repair support for more iPhone models in the future.

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