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Samsung aim to counter Apple with upcoming release of the Galaxy Note 8

On August 23, Samsung are holding a big press event in New York which is widely speculated to be where they announce the release of the Galaxy Note 8 phablet. Of course, the silhouette of the device on the event invitation might have something to do with this rumor but what is not yet clear is when the device will be available to the public.

However, just how much are Samsung going to have to push to establish the phablet and how much will it stand up against the new iPhone set to be released in September?

Late last month, the pre-order date for the Note 8 was leaked in a document on Samsung’s Australian website. In the terms and conditions section, it is stated that free replacement screens would start from August 25 which is surely the first date that the public can sign up to buy the phone. At least in Australia anyway.

Regarding public release, though, Samsung has a number of media addresses it needs to make before anyone can get their hands on the Note 8. After the official launch there will be reviews from the tech press, for example. Berlin’s IFA Conference is the traditional launch event for the Galaxy Note range and this runs from September 1 to September 6. This is where the company will present their device to journalists to gather a significant amount of press coverage.

Two weeks after pre-orders (Friday September 8) is when the device is most likely to go on general release to the public. This will put Samsung’s biggest rival, Apple, hugely on the defense line. The iPhone 8 is expected to be a huge technological advance for Apple, with facial recognition and a curved OLED screen it will be the most impressive iPhone yet but these are only features that Samsung have seen as standard.

After the release of the Galaxy S8, has been a great deal of media attention directed toward Samsung so, for some, the switch from Apple might seem like an attractive one.

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